BMS Engineer, BMS Programmers - we can program PLC or BMS for you
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BMS Engineer

The team of Control System Programmers (BMS Engineer)

BMS Engineer x 3

Every BMS Engineer should have interdisciplinary skills.

As a result, years of experience has motivated us to combine our skills to create one team.

We like programming. We also like new technologies. We are moving the BMS Engineer’s standards into 21st century. The symbol of our time is remote work. We programmed the buildings that were close by. Then we started programming BMS located 500km away. there wasn’t any need to visit the Site! So, conclusion is no border for us at the moment!

We offer what we are the best – engineering work for building automation.

Remote programming, testing, simulations, graphics, etc.

At the moment there are tools available that allow you to work remotely. An example of such a solution is Schneider Electric‘s “Workstation for Project” for Smartstruxure. All graphics and programs can be done in the office. And then one click moves to the Site. If there are such tools, why not use them?

We provide all the smart solutions presented :

Smartstruxure, Niagara, Wago, Carel

controllers (with or without application, modbus I/O modules, graphics, testing, libraries

We work only with modern controllers.

Our workplace is equipped with:

First of all Xenta 400, Vista Server 5.1.9, Automation Server, Enterprise Server 1.8 (Schneider Electric – Vista/SmarStruxure)
PFC200 (750-8202), e!Cockpit, 750-880, Codesys 2.3 (Wago)
c.pCO, pCO (Carel)
others devices such as I/O over modbus rtu modules, electrical meters, water meters, inverters, sensors, gateways, etc., which are helpful for testing and commisioning

Automation Server - Smartstruxure
Automation Server - Smartstruxure
PFC200 Wago e!cockpit
PFC200 Wago
c.cPO Carel
c.pCO Carel