building systems smartstruxure - take an effective control
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Smartstruxure – Programmable building controllers developed by Schneider Electric.

Smartstruxure solution controls HVAC, power, lighting, fire safety, electrical instalation.

Software and hardware ensures efficient and effectively management. Let check a Smartstruxure:

Automation Server of Smartstruxure System

Automation Server features.

A powerful PLC that can be implement as a standalone server and also control I/O modules.
Protocols: Lonworks, RS485 x 2 (Modbus RTU or Bacnet MSTP), Modbus TCP/IP, Bacnet IP.
Up to 30 i/o modules from Schneider Electric (internal wire
Drag-and-drop features.
Engineering efficiencies.
Web server with HTML5.

StruxtureWare Building Operation uses the following components.

Enterprise Server. The core of the system. Allows to control many Automatic Servers. Fully optimized with Microsoft Windows. Its compatibility with many protocols. Gives the possibility to connect itself with devices different than Schneider. Collects unlimited informations about the alarms, trends and events.

Workstation. Divided to engineer’s and administrator’s enviroment. Allows to design and program the logic gates, graphics and visualisations. Easy to use and configure. Shows all the system messages in a Liberation clear way.

WebStation. Provides remote access to the system from a web browser level. Uses password and data of the Workstation account. Displays all the program aspects such as graphics, trends or logic gates. Ensures the possibility to edit many parameters.

Mobile Apps. A set of applications useful in system exploating. Possibility to control the system by using mobile devices. Fast technical help. Access to the product library. And many other options.