c.pCO Carel - the best programmable controller from Carel.
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c.pCO Carel new programmable electronic controllers.

c.pCO Carel

c.cPO Carel

c.pCO Mini is one of programmable electronic controller developed by Carel. The PLC is dedicated for air-conditoning, heating, HVAC/R applications.

c.pCO Mini Carel features:

10 universal inputs/outputs (freely configurable digital/analog inputs, digital/analog outputs).

2 digital inputs, 3 analog outputs, 6 relay’s outputs.

integreated Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU (RS485), Bacnet IP, Bacnet MSTP.

Built-in display.

c.pCO Carel has a good price.

Only 4 DIN modules size.

MicroUSB port Host and Device.

WebServer with HTML5.

Tera’s portal.

The c. Suite software is used to create and customise the application program allowing rapid development of new applications. It’s used also for simulate operation and supervision. The application is loaded into c.pCO via Ethernet or USB port. The c.pCOMini has few versions: DIN rail Mounting (display built-in orac without) or panel installation.

Example of c.pCO Carel:

Here is an example of installation for which we developped application. PLC includes one c.pCOMini and two extension modules.

Network Features – The c.pCO range of controllers is an evolution of network capabilities. The integrated Ethernet interface offers a wide selection of open standard protocols (Modbus rtu/TCP, BACnet mstp/TCP, Web server, FTP, DHCP, DNS, NTP). Cloud Services Plug & Play for tera-based connections. All tERA services are available as soon as you connect the Ethernet cable to your home or office network without the need for external devices. The new programming tool – programmable c.pCO controllers are based on the c.suite package. Designed as a set of independent modules for each HVAC / R building stage. C.suite allows professionals from different fields to work as a team on a single project, increasing the productivity of each team member. New multi-tasking operating system ensures optimum use of system resources, faster application and independent protocol engines.Interface – c.pCO sistema terminals are available as panels or wall units with alphanumeric LED displays or graphical LCD displays. Communication – additional communication cards can extend the connectivity of the platform to different networks directly or through gateways. All c.pCO controllers have Universal Inputs / Outputs that can be programmed as Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs and Analog Outputs. Applications – programmability of the c.pCO series means that it can be used for chillers, indoor and outdoor air conditioners,  heat pumps, roof units,compressors, air handling units (AHUs) and many other appliances.