iSMA - intelligent solution managing automation || solution review
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The iSMA is powered by Niagara Framework

The iSMA powered by Niagara Framework

Are you looking for an effective building management solution? The answer is iSMA

The iSMA solution is developed by Global Control 5 Ltd.

iSMA includes such elements as iSMA Supervisor, iSMA Building JACE controller, DDC AAC20 controller, input/output modules and communication gateways. Peripherals such as temperature or humidity sensors are also availabed.

The iSMA solution is developed by Global Control 5 Ltd. CONTROMA Ltd (BMS Programmers), as a partner has, the knowledge and experience to deploy and use iSMA.

iSMA Building JACE8000

JACE as a stand alone BMS system? Why not.

The basic component of the iSMA solution is JACE. iSMA Building JACE controllers powered by Niagara. Jace8000 has been designed to allow to archive alarms, trends, easy and seamless integration of multiple protocols and data exchange between devices. In smaller projects JACE can function as a stand-alone BMS system equipped with a graphical interface accessible from standard web browsers or mobile devices. For more sophisticated projects we recommend a Supervisor station.


MIX I/O series of Global Control 5

Mix18, MIX18-IP, MIX38, MIX38-IP and Mini series of I/O.

The product line of I/O modules of the MINI and MIX series has been designed for building distributed control systems. I/O modules are dedicated to JACE or AAC20 controllers. Modules are also compatible with other solution (e.g. Smartstruxure). All the MINI and MIX Series modules have been equipped with the most commonly used types of I/O in building automation. The module is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols: Modbus ASCII/RTU and BACnet MSTP.  Protocol can be selected using DIP switches. Modules with IP version have built-in Modbus Gateway TCP/IP to Modbus ASCII/RTU, enabling you to connect additional modules/devices via Modbus RS485.

iSMA mix18

AAC20 controller powered by SVM.

AAC20 controller is an advanced device designed to control hvac systems and building automation.

AAC20 controller provides 8xUI, 4xDI, 4xDO and 4/6xAO. Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) allows for quick and easy programming in real time. Controller has built in Modbus Gateway TCP/IP to Modbus ASCII/RTU, enabling you to connect additional modules/devices via Modbus RS485 without programming it. Built in RS485 can be use to expand number of I/O by connecting MINI or MIX series I/O modules. AAC20 supports many open communication protocols like BACnet, Modbus or 1-Wire. There are versions with DALI, MBUS or LCD. AAC20 is probably the best controller for AHU.

AAC20 controller with LCD

iSMA Supervisor manages a Site or Multi-Site.

Supervisor will ensure success in service of the building

iSMA Supervisor is a part of Niagara Framework.  This software is designed to integrate  devices and protocols into an automation system. You can have a building with modern equipment, but it is not a guarantee of reducing operating costs. First of all, real savings are obtained, when all installations are connected to a single master system. Supervisor enables interoperability between individual installations. In conclusion, this is the job for the iSMA Supervisor.

iSMA Supervisor