PFC200 - the best programmable controller from Wago.
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Wago PFC200 and e!COCKPIT toolnew generation of programming PLC

Wago PFC200.

PFC200 Wago e!cockpit

e!cockpit and PFC200 new generation of Wago.

PFC200 is one of programmable electronic controller developed by Wago.

2 ethernet interfaces and integrated switch. An integrated Web server with HTML5. integrated Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU (RS485). Supports the 750/753 Series. maintenance-free. Configuration via CODESYS or e!COCKPIT.

One company (food markets) use PFC200 as a main controller responsible for Air Conditions and energy usage by each store. Headquarter connects via Internet to monitoring. Staff communicate via Touch Panel situated on a wall.